Kenworth Trucks Offers Standard and Customized Exhaust Systems

Published: 11th October 2011
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Heavy motor vehicles like trucks, tractors, excavators, and towing trucks all have high capacity diesel engines. Generators also use heavy-duty diesel engines. Power output and noise levels (below 87 dBA) are important. Exhaust emissions also need to be within regulatory limits. Therefore, the exhaust system plays a significant role in the overall performance of heavy duty diesel engines fitted to trucks or to generators. Kenworth Trucks specializes in standard exhausts and mufflers as well as customized ones for heavy trucks, tractors, excavators and even racing cars that optimize performance and power while drastically cutting down on noise levels.

In view of the stringent regulations governing exhaust emissions and noise levels, exhaust systems have gained more importance. The parts of an exhaust system are the manifold, connector and manifold pipe, muffler, elbows and exhaust pipes, clamps, resonators and the tail spout. Exhausts serve as a route for burned gases and reduce engine noise levels. At the same time, engineering considerations design exhausts to improve power output by providing the right backpressure and improve drivability too.

The system and components used in it are just as important for overall performance as is the engine itself. Worn out parts in the exhaust system, leaks, rattles, and clogging reduce power output, generate higher noise and reduce fuel efficiency. It is best that trucks have well-maintained exhaust systems for better performance and an enhanced operating life while complying with local laws.

Kenworth Trucks supplies standard exhaust systems and further designs and fabricates customized exhaust as well as mufflers to suit specific needs. Exhaust and emission as well as noise control solutions are also available. The muffler plays an important part in the overall exhaust system design since it incorporates elements that break up sound waves and reduce overall noise. However, design should not be such as to impede flow of exhaust gases or cause incorrect backpressure that would tell on engine performance, noise levels and fuel efficiency factors.

Exhaust systems can be further customized for better appearance and performance. Some trucking companies prefer complete stainless steel assemblies for enhanced performance and life. Some might go in for aluminum-based exhausts that are lighter. Kenworth Trucks supplies and fits standard and customized exhaust systems and components including the all-important muffler in various configurations and designs to suit a wide range of heavy-duty vehicles. Our online store serves the needs of remote buyers and we deliver expeditiously and at a fair price.

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